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How to cope better with homeschooling and work from home

Balancing Homeschooling and working from home can be challenging for parents and their children.

So, I have written this blogpost to encourage parents struggling like myself and give them tips that have helped me stay sane and cope better.

It’s ok to accept that you are not coping. Its doesn’t make you a bad parent. Gone are the days you pretend everything is rosy when you actually need support.

How to cope better with homeschooling and work from home
So, speak to trusted people for support!

Before COVID-19, some parents with full-time jobs were already struggling and questioning their parenting capacity. Finding work-life balance was something you dreamed of and now is non-existent.

At the beginning of the lockdown, it seems like people were managing well, but it became a struggle as time went by.

Practising these tips and ideas I will share with you, will help you balance homeschooling and work. So, keep reading !.

How To Balance Homeschooling And Working From Home.

1.Create A Homeschooling Schedule

Create A homeschooling Schedule

Creating a structure for kids is very essential when it comes to homeschooling. Having a routine for your kids make them feel secure and gives them the ability to adjust when they encounter any stressful situation.

A well-defined schedule creates boundaries that teach them what is expected of them and the consequences of their actions when they behave a certain way.

Don’t be too regimented!!.

If you feel the kids are getting tired of the routine, by all means, try different things to jazz it up.

2. Try To Keep To School Lesson Plan For Guidance And Support If Provided.

Stick To Homeschooling Timetable

Most schools provide a daily lesson plan for kids to work on. This will save you time and reassurance that your kids are not missing out as you are following the school curriculum.

If your kids are struggling with working on the computer. Remember, you can ask their teachers for worksheets if your kids prefer completing their school work on paper.

If you have older kids who can work independently, then encourage self-directed learning. Step in if they need support. This will help build their confidence, improve their problem-solving skills and allow them to learn at their own pace.

Don’t worry too much if your kids aren’t completing their daily lesson plan. The most important thing is that they understand the concepts taught. Remember your child is getting all the attention from you that their teacher wouldn’t give them if they were in school. So, keep going and be reassured you are doing the best you can.

3.Create A Positive Learning Environment

Creating a Homeschooling Environment

It is essential to create a positive learning environment for kids. This helps them to concentrate on their work. Also, an environment with minimal distraction, for example, having the TV on or Toys helps them perform better.

I find it can be so challenging to keep kids in a particular space for an extended period. If you have a garden or porch where they can work from, and the weather permits, let them do so.

Keep their learning material and tools such as worksheets, books, pencil cases handy. So they don’t lose focus if they have to start looking for it.

4. Schedule Mini Breaks And Lunch Time

Schedule Break time when homeschooling and working from home

Try and schedule short breaks and lunch. Create time for an activity like their routine in school. Taking breaks helps the brain to refresh, and gives them time process what they have learnt.

There is scientific evidence that breaks helps pupils brain more active, healthy and improve their engagement. Even taking a break for physical activity also reduces stress, which increases the feel-good hormones in the brain.

You can also schedule evening reading time when you can just sit to read with your young ones and spend that quality time away from the TV and for the older kids, encourage them to grab a book of their choice and read few pages before retiring to bed.

5. Map Out Time For Your Calls/ Work

Map out time for yourself

Create time for meetings/phone calls when your kids may need less attention from you however remember there may be times they will interpret you so don’t be afraid to let others know you are homeschooling if you are required to leave the meeting earlier than excepted. This helps to reduces minimise pressure and from others.

6: Prioritise Your Work Activity

Prioritise Your Work Activity

I’m going to keep it real with you !. Be realistic.

There is no way you will be as productive as you used to be when the kids were in school.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed with work. You can use TO-DO-LIST to organise what is excepted of you from employers. Now, start from the most important task and work your way down.

If you are unable to complete any task and to avoid stressing about it. Reach out to your employer/manager for support to reassess your workload.

7. Let Them Play and Make learning Fun

Make Homeschooling  and working from home Fun

As we all know that children learn through play. This allows them to explore, discover and solve new challenges and develop problem solving skills.

Play creates environment for kids to communicate with peers, their siblings and adults in their lives. So, create time to play board games, quiz night, science experiment , painting , art and craft ,baking, going out for walks, playing sports or cooking meals together. By doing some of these activities, you develop a deeper bond with them. Believe me, they love it.

8.Find Out What They Love And Go With The Flow.

Let your kids their passion whilst homeschooling

This tip here does the trick for my kids reading. Once I identified their favourite character. I would buy reading and colouring books. We will read the stories every night, which they enjoyed. When they got older, they were able to sit and read themselves.

So, whatever your kids are passionate about key into it and see how you can use them as a learning opportunity.

Whether they are into playing instrument, painting, drawing or cooking. The most important thing is to be consistent with the routine no matter how much time they want to spend on the activity.

9. Use Rewards Chart To Motivate Their Learning

If your children are still young. Rewards chart may help to motivate to complete their tasks as well as house chores. I know not everyone agrees with the reward chart because they may argue kids are less likely to do the task unless rewarded.

Well if you agree with reward chart , you can download free printable reward chart or buy this reusable reward chart below.

Reward chart will keep them motivated which will inject a little fun into their learning too.

10.Support Your Kids Using The Online Resources

online learning Resources

There are tons of online free educational material for kids to support their learning.

I will list below some of the websites and Apps I found useful. So, click on the link to check out the websites if you are struggling in a particular area.

Also, don’t forget to reach out to your child’s teacher for support if you cannot support your child effectively in a particular area.

Educational website for Homeschooling

  • BBC Bitesize– Suitable for all age group both primary and secondary education.
  • CBeebies Storytime App– Free interactive App on ios ( iPhone) for online reading. you can also check out their website too.
  • Hit the Button – For interactive Math games to practise times table , number bonds, multiplication and other math problems etc
  • You tube App– Great friendly videos that are kid to learn and enjoy.
  • PhonicsPlay-Phonic games to play. Most suitable for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. 
  • PurpleMash– Suitable for All primary school kids . Reception to Year 6.
  • Mathletics- This Math site is designed for both the educator and learner .
  • Tassomai- online Science site for 7-16 years old
  • Khan Academy: It’s non-profit online tools for subjects like Maths, science, computing and many more.
  • S-cool- A revision Site if you kids are preparing for GCSE or A’levels and It’s so free.
  • Seneca-A site designed to support older children. It packed with free educational resources and exams practice questions.

11. Look After Yourself whilst Homeschooling And Working From Home.

Look after yourself whilst homeschooling and working from home

Yes, practice self -care. Find an hour or two in the evening when the kids are in bed and do whatever you love to unwind after a hectic day.

For me, that is when I have time to do my blogging work. This helps me relax and escape from everything.

If you don’t have any idea, then read my post on 30 self-care tips for busy people.

You don’t have to lose yourself because you are homeschooling and working from home.

So, if you find this post helpful. Share any tips on the post that has helped you with homeschooling and working from home.

Disclaimer: The post’s content is my views and opinions solely and may not be associated with professional capacity.

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